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Our prices are much lower then most of the competition out there. Often by as much as 50%  or more.

We offer free second opinions. We understand the reputation that this industry has due to the increasing sales requirements put on technicians and that most of them are paid commission. 

When deciding whether to replace your existing unit there are three main factors to consider:

Life Expectancy:

Most units last only ten to fifteen years, after that point they become expensive to repair and tend to break down often. Parts are sometimes discontinued which causes them to be more expensive if not completely unavailable. Consider the age of your equipment when deciding whether to replace or repair your unit. A unit eight years old or older is nearing its life expectancy.



Completely restoring an aging unit is expensive to do, and you will still only have the efficiency that it was rated for when it was manufactured at best. Older units are much less efficient that newer ones due to constant improvement and increasing energy standards imposed by the government. Replacing your unit can save you money if your units is old and inefficient.


Current Condition:

Consider the current condition of your unit when deciding whether to repair or replace it. Factors to consider are the quality of the equipment (reputable brand, builders model, etc.) and number of breakdowns. If your unit hasn't been properly maintained or is an inferior quality consider replacement as a serious option. 

the clock is ticking

Beginning next year, the new minimum efficiency for equipment will be changing from 13 SEER to 14 SEER. This means prices will go up for Base Models now.

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The right choice: We will help you choose the system that is right for you and provide an upfront quote with no gimmicks. Many years of experience will insure that you will receive the best install as this is very important to the reliability and efficiency of the unit.

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This company was started to change this industry and make it honest again. Your referral is what we are working for on every call.


Count on us: We will provide an accurate diagnostic with great pricing. We will also let you know of any other potential problems with your system and give you the option of taking care of those as well while we are there.

How efficient is your unit?

Did you know that older units do not operate as efficiently as they did right out of the box. You can derate them one seer for every five years of age.

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We believe customers do not need to be sold anything. Instead, we educate the customer and provide them with options so that they can make the right decision. We offer better pricing  than most of the companies in this industry because even though this is a business, we are not in it to make a killing. Our objective is to make sure the customer was glad they called us and will spread the word. There is no better form of advertising than an ecstatic customer.

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Keep it reliable and efficient: We offer a 32 point inspection to make sure your system is as reliable and efficient as possible.  By doing this every year, you can help avoid higher utility bills, costly breakdowns, and further damage to other components.  

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We are a family owned company and every customer is an extension of that family. We aim to please every customer.

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Choosing the right system can be a difficult decision. With all the different brands, features, efficiencies, etc. we are here to help our customers find which is right for them.